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They look like cigarettes,      they feel like cigarettes      they taste like cigarettes      but they are not cigarettes!                                                             No Ashes,     No Burnholes,      No Butts,      No Carbon Monoxide,      No Carcinagens,      No Fire,      No Odor,     No Pollution,       No Tar,      No Tobacco,     No Second Nand Smoke     and      They are cheaper than cigarettes...                          Finally, you can enjoy your smoking experience without harm to anyone...                                                                               


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Have you heard of "Electronic Cigarettes"?

If you haven't and you're a smoker, read carefully and prepare to be floored! The Electronic Cigarette, or E-Cigarette for short, looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, and tastes like a cigarette, but there's something very different about it--it's a much healthier way to smoke, without the actual smoke! This high-tech electronic smoking device provides the nicotine cigarette smokers crave, with none of the chemicals and tar that comes from your typical cigarette There's no smoke odor, no ash, and no second-hand smoke. Bad breath and yellow teeth are a thing of the past. Too good to be true? It seems not...

Next Generation Break-Through Design


Vapor Rich is introducing the most unique 2 piece electronic vapor system on the market. We provide the first balanced battery and disposable atomizer-cartridge (cartomizer) combination on the market.  You can now get a 320-380 (350 average) puff battery with a 320-380 (350 average) puff flavor cartridge . With the new Vapor Rich 350 you can have full flavored enjoyment for up to 2 packs of poison free smoking per cartomizer and each time you replace the disposable cartomizer, it's like a brand new system.

As smoking bans take hold all over the world, it is very likely that electronic cigarettes will continue to rise in popularity. Today's smokers are finding it a great alternative in the economic climate and others have found it to be a way to quit smoking cigarettes entirely and save even more money.

For the price of a carton of cigarettes,

you may never smoke cigarettes again!

No Gums - No Patches - No Drugs

As low as $1.50 a pack

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Vapor Rich 350 system


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 320-380 puff

  Lithium Battery

320-380 Puff



8 cigarette & 2 specialty

Nicotine: 18mg-11mg-6mg-0mg


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The Vapor Rich rechargeable vaporizing system may contain nicotine if the user wants it. Like caffeine, nicotine is addictive but not harmful like the tobacco, tar and carcinogens in cigarettes. Our electronic vaporizer is not a medical device and makes no claims to help a person quit smoking but  may help a person reduce their need to smoke cigarettes. The Vapor Rich system is allowed to be used only by adults (minimum age 18 or 21 depending on individual's state laws). Like cigarettes, it is not FDA approved.